All right folks time to talk about Heat and Air Choctaw OK solutions with Comfort Pro. Today’s blog post a brought to you by comfort pro heating and air. We’re a family owned and operated residential heating and air conditioning company located in Choctaw, Oklahoma. We service the entire Metro area. We perform installation, service and repair on commercial units and residential homes. We provide services such as preventative maintenance, free estimates for new home comfort systems, and today we wanted to talk a little bit about tips for keeping your valuables safe at home. You work hard for your home and the items in it, keeping your valuables safe, especially sentimental items like heirlooms is important. Here are some tips for keeping valuable, safe use hidden compartments. There are many options for hiding valuables that burglars would not be likely to find inside your Heat and Air Choctaw OK compartments. Compartments behind fake grills, electrical outlets, junction boxes, and inside hollowed out books are some of the best places. Old Food containers in your pantry can also hide important items as well as inside children’s stuff. That’s why you call us for all your Heat and Air Choctaw OK needs.

Toys, put your valuables in a safe. If a safe is fire rated, your items will budge, will be protected from fires as well as theft safes are that easy to remove? Will not provide much protection. Floor mounted safes are difficult to remove and will frustrate at these efforts to get your valuables. Keep your curtains drawn. This can be a devil edged sword as Thieves can rummage through your home for a longer time on scene. However, for the purpose of keeping your electronics and other large valuable items, hidden closing curtains will keep these items out of sight and lower the chance of someone choosing to rob your home. Lock all doors and windows. Depending on where you live, you may be used to leaving doors on locked, but never take it for granted that the security you experienced for years will continue. Robbery is a crime of opportunity, so giving thieves easy access puts you at an increased risk of being chosen.

    Remember to close your garage door and lock the door between your attached to garage and the rest of the house. Make it a habit of checking doors and windows and checking your Heat and Air Choctaw OK systems, especially if you have young ones that may fiddle with latches and bolts. Install a security system. Home Security has become more affordable and accessible in the past decade. You don’t need to live in a large house to consider securing your home with an electronic system. Some simple cameras that connect to your smart phone to sophisticated wireless systems that call the police directly and the case of an emergency. The options are limited by your imagination and budget. Installing security lighting. Burglars don’t like to be seen. If your home is brightly lit from outside, they are less likely to attempt a break hand keeping your valuables safe is enough to work without worrying about your house. If you need help with your home, give us a call. Comfort pro heating and air has access to great items that will provide security for your home and convenience. Oh my automation thermostats are really big market now. Home automation thermostats have the ability to connect your home to your smart phone, laptop, tablet, computer, so you that you can monitor your home virtually 24 seven wherever you are in the world. As long as you have an internet connection, the home automation thermostat can connect up to 200 different devices such as cameras, door locks, lighting modules, sprinkler systems, water detection.

Virtually any application you can think of for Heat and Air Choctaw OK, you can control from your smart phone via a home automation thermostat. You can actually set up a security system without going to a large security company. You can create your own security system just from installing door locks, lighting modules, cameras, and monitoring it, your smartphone. The home automation systems today are relatively inexpensive and easy to access to great Heat and Air Choctaw OK qualities. They can be purchased at virtually any home improvement store or online. There are many brands, so do your research and pick a brand that you feel comfortable with and like you can control not only different things in your house such as cameras, door locks and lighting modules, but you can also control your heating and cooling system from your smart phone, laptop, iPad, things of that nature from anywhere in the world provided you have an internet connection.

You can have the convenience and peace of mind knowing that you have access to your home virtually anytime that you want with our Heat and Air Choctaw OK solutions. If you are interested in home automation thermostats and home automation systems, comfort pro heating and air located in Choctaw, Oklahoma can assist you with your purchasing decisions. We have access to a really nice home automation thermostat manufactured by American standard hit, operates on z-wave technology and is expandable to up to around 200 different devices. It’s a color touchscreen display, Wi-Fi capable, and it’s a really nice thermostat at a relatively low cost. So if you’re interested in home automation thermostats, please give us a call. Thank you and have a good day.