Hello and thanks for stopping by to read our blog post discussing Heat and Air Choctaw OK. We are comfort pro heating and air located in Choctaw, Oklahoma. We’re a family owned and operated heating and air company. We provide such services as preventive maintenance, seasonal maintenance, air conditioning, repair, heater repair, indoor air quality products. We service both commercial and residential applications, new construction homes, custom homes. We install American standard heating and air products. We service all brands. We have a flat rate pricing system where there are no surprises. We quote your repair prices up front before any work begins, which gives you peace of mind knowing the maximum amount that you will pay, no matter how long it takes us to do the job. So today’s topic is should you keep your heating and air conditioning equipment running for some climates you need to leave your heat on from October to April for others. Summers are brutal and we’re for health reasons. Our air conditioner should stay on. In most cases though times, there are times where leaving your equipment running is optional. The question is, should you reasons to leave your system running for Heat and Air Choctaw OK? Number one, you do not have to wait for the temperature to reach where you want it to in Heat and Air Choctaw OK.

   Your home will be a constant temperature throughout the day with more opportunity to even out throughout the house. Number two, during summer, your air conditioner takes care of humidity as well as heat. Leaving it on keeps your humidity within reasonable limits and does not burden overburden the unit. If you leave it off for a long time, then turn it on. Number three, you may be tempted to turn it off to save energy on a mile day or if you’ll be away for a while. This can lead to frozen pipes. If the temperature drops unexpectedly, leaving it running keeps your home safe from too low temperatures turn down your thermostat to save a minimum of 50 degrees to save on energy without the risk of freezing. Number four, forced air systems have the option of running the fan continuously, even when heating or cooling isn’t required. This circulates air constantly passing it through the filters and improving indoor air quality.

   Number five. Another reason to have your Heat and Air Choctaw OK fan run continuously is to provide better temperature distribution throughout the home. Constant air movement mixes air throughout your home. This provide prevents stagnant air pockets from forming and giving you an unpleasant hot or cold spot reasons to shut it down. Number One, while your system draws more electricity during ramp up, it also consumes more power if left on 24 seven leaving your system running continuously results in more energy consumption overall. Number two, most residential air conditioning system choose refrigerant. Peak efficiency for these units is close to full load, so when the air conditioner is working hard to lower your home’s temperature, its efficiency is high. If you leave on the air conditioner to maintain your home’s temperature, the units efficiency falls. Ultimately this adds to your summer energy bills. You’ll number three you’ll see quicker wear and tear on parts.

   This translates to higher maintenance costs and a shorter life span in your Heat and Air Choctaw OK system. Number four, when your fan runs continuously, it passes more air through the filters because your is taking care of moray or it clogs faster and needs replacing sooner. Whether or not you decide to run your air conditioning and heating equipment continuously. You need it working well, be sure and give comfort pro heating an era call to make sure your unit is at peak performance. There are systems on the market today that provide much better air flow and air filtration than before. They have different blowers in the furnaces and different compressors in the outdoor unit. There are multistage systems, meaning more than one stage of cooling and more than one stage of heating, and the theory is the systems will run on the first stage or the low stage longer to save energy, you use less electricity and use less gas to heat the home.

   The compressors and the outdoor unit with your Heat and Air Choctaw OK on the higher efficient equipment have variable speed compressors that work with the variable speed blower in the furnace to only deliver the amount of heating or cooling required on the home at the time. So if your outside temperature is mild and you don’t need all of the maximum cooling, your system can give the variable speed system will slow down and only deliver what the house needs. By doing that, it will save energy. It uses less electricity because it runs at a lower RPM and they fans run an extended period of time giving better humidity control, better air flow, better air filtration. So if you’re interested in a higher efficient equipment such as a [inaudible] 18 or 20 Sera unit, be sure and call comfort pro heating and air as we give free estimates on new home comfort systems and we will be able to select the right system to meet your need and your budget. Thanks for listening and have a great day experiencing cool results with your Heat and Air Choctaw OK system.