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So, today’s blog post is going to be about energy savings with Heat and Air Choctaw OK. Let’s face it, energy bills are not going down anytime soon. That utility rates continue to go up, so it’s in your best interest to do everything that you can to conserve energy. The main thing you can do is make sure all your lights are off when you’re not using them. Make sure your doors and windows stay shut and the peak heating of the day and have your air conditioner and heating system service frequently spring and fall. The best thing you can do for Heat and Air Choctaw OK to conserve energy is to have your air conditioner cleaned when your air conditioner is dirty, It runs longer, runs at a higher temperature which causes the utility bills to go up today in the residential average residential home, the air conditioner accounts for around 50% of the electricity consumed in the home Heat and Air Choctaw OK.

So, definitely have your air conditioner serviced spring and your heater heating system serviced in the fall. We’ll start by washing out the condenser coil and then having all the electrical components, electrical connections checked. Cause when you have loose connections, those cause excess heating which burned terminals off and burn up. Electric Motors, compressor motors, things of that nature. Again, as I said, when your air conditioner coil on the outdoor unit is dirty, it cannot give up his heat fast enough or adequately enough, which causes the air conditioner to run longer, runs hotter and if it can’t give up its heat, it carries that heat right back inside the house, which in turn causes your utility bills to go high. So definitely have your air conditioner checked and serviced every spring. If you have electric heat in the wintertime, definitely have your furnace serviced in the wintertime before heating season starts. If you have some electrical heating elements that are burned out, then you don’t have the capacity that you need to keep up with demand and you won’t get as much heat out of the house or out of the uh furnace. So the system will run continuously and never heat your home for Heat and Air Choctaw OK.

Another thing you can do to conserve energy for Heat and Air Choctaw OK relief would be to have your windows tinted to keep the solar gain out of the house, especially if your house faces west. Most of the glass on a home is on the front and rear of the home, so you have a large solar gain in the summertime when your house faces the West. So if you pass faces the west have the windows tinted can help reduce the solar gain. Also, another thing you can do is have extra insulation installed in the attic, either blown in or have bats put in. Extra insulation can cut down on the thermal barrier and cut down on the heat load. Heat gain slowed down the heat infiltration in the house. You can also have attic and ventilation installed to exhaust some of the hot air that’s in the attic when the air in the attic on a hot summer day can reach upwards of 150 to 160 degrees.

So, if your insulation in the attic is not very thick, then it can infiltrate into the house, which then causes your heater or your air conditioner to run longer. So having extra insulation installed in the attic is another good thing you can do to have your energy bills lowered and cut down on your summer cooling bill. Other things you can do would be to install programmable thermostats that will control the on and off cycle of your air conditioning system. If you’re not home all day long, you leave and come home at certain times of the day, then you can save energy by turning your thermostat up just a few degrees. I would not recommend turning it up any higher than 75 degrees. If you do, then it will cause excess heat and humidity to build up in the house. When the air conditioner kicks back on, the system will run at a longer time and extended period of time to try to recover from that heat gain. So using a programmable thermostat, cycling the system on and off at desired times can also help reduce your energy bill.

Programmable thermostats are a great way to help conserve energy and reduce your overall cooling and heating bill and the newer ones that they make today have wifi capability so you can integrate door locks, cameras, lighting modules, up to 200 different devices to help your home automation. If home automation is something you’re interested in, definitely take a look at the nest thermostat or Honeywell has home automation thermostats or American standard has home automation thermostats. There’s a whole host of manufacturers that make home automation thermostats that will have programmable features built into them so that you can control the heating and cooling and the honoring off cycles, which will in turn help reduce the overall heating and cooling bill of the home. Also, doing something as simple as closing your blinds on a hot day can help reduce your heating and cooling bill. By having your blinds open, you’re letting heat into the house by closing your blinds, you’re creating a thermal barrier to help keep some of the excess heat from infiltrating your home. Also another factor that would consider would be to upgrade your windows and doors for extra insulation. If your home has single pane windows, then you’re well behind the curve and it would be in your best interest to install double pane, low E glass to help prevent heat infiltration in the home. If you have single doors, hollow core doors on your exterior of the home, definitely have new doors put in that have insulation in them that can greatly reduce the overall heating and cooling bill of the home.
So, these are just a few suggestions that you can utilize to help reduce the overall heating and cooling bill of your home in the summer and in the winter time. And again, the best thing to do would be having your unit serviced by our Heat and Air Choctaw OK specialists in the spring for air conditioning and in the fall for heating. By doing those two things, it can end up saving you hundreds of dollars over the course of a year in utility costs for Heat and Air Choctaw OK. And that’s all for today. Thanks for your time.