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   Hi there. Thanks for stopping by to read our blog post today about Heat and Air Choctaw OK. We like to post things from time to time to tell you about new products and innovations in our industry. And just to give some helpful tips on just different various topics. We are a comfort pro heating and air comfort pro heating in the air is I locally owned and operated heating and air conditioning company located in Choctaw, Oklahoma. We service the entire Metro area. We service all brands for Heat and Air Choctaw OK needs. We install American standard heating and air equipment. We provide such services as preventative maintenance, residential light, commercial installation, service repair, air conditioning, repair, heater repair, heat pump repair, all aspects of the heating and air conditioning industry, indoor air quality, air filtration, ultraviolet light filtration systems. We do inspections for real estate transactions. We provide free estimates for new home comfort systems. So today’s topic is about how to pick the best home ventilation system so that it maximizes your Heat and Air Choctaw OK solutions.

   Indoor air quality affects your health and safety. Opening a window isn’t always possible, so you need other methods to replace stale air with outdoor air exhaust fans. Most homes have an exhaust fan in each bathroom, a range hood above the stove. These fans extract the moist air created. When we take a hot shower or cook that delicious soup, they must be sized and installed correctly to work well, exhaust fans must keep exhaust. Fans must be kept clean and well maintained. To ensure maximum performance, you also need to have a professional clean out the duck work annually since I dirty duck reduces the fans’ performance. Heat recovery ventilators. Whenever you use a fan to extract air that has already been heated or cooled in the summer, you have to replace it for Heat and Air Choctaw OK greatness. Typically, outdoor air seeps into make up the difference when you open the door. It’s not tremendously noticeable since the air flows are small, but it does affect your bill when you have to heat that outdoor air.

   Heat Recovery Ventilators, or HRS’s take your exhaust air and passes it through a core that transfers some of the heat to the incoming makeup air. This heats the incoming air so that your heating system has less work to do to warm up the indoor temperature, saving you energy, energy recovery ventilators. While HRV’s for heat to the incoming air in winter. ERV’s transfer both heat and moisture, recovering more energy overall. So in the wintertime your incoming air would be less dry as the moisture is transferred from the exhaust and the summer the incoming air would have some humidity removed by the conditioned exhaust air considerations for HRVs and ERV’s because of the push towards energy savings plus who wouldn’t want to lower their energy bills, right. ERVs and HRVs are becoming requirements for new buildings and most renovations in the u s and Canada having to deal with Heat and Air Choctaw OK.

   So, what else do you have to consider before taking the leap of quality Heat and Air Choctaw OK? Which exhaust air to pass through your range hood will have to remain since you can’t pass a grease light and exhaust air through a heat recovery core, you can. She also choose to leave. You can also choose to leave your existing bathroom exhaust fans and install an HRV or ERV to provide general ventilation throughout your home space requirements. These units are large. These units are larger than typical ceiling mounted exhaust fans, so they need a dedicated space available with clearances for maintenance. You also need room to install insulated intake and exhaust duct work. Don’t need a professional assessment as you can tell your homes, ventilation system can get complicated. If you need to discuss your options, give us a call and we’ll help you access your needs and we’ll help you assess your needs. There are all types of air filtration systems and ultraviolet light filtration systems on the market today. Energy recovery ventilators are becoming more popular with the newer homes that have spray foam insulation. You have to exhaust stale air from the inside of the House to the outdoors and you have to bring in fresh air from the outdoors and introduce it into the heating and air conditioning system so that the air can be treated dehumidified and air and filtration filled filtered. If you install exhaust fans in your attic and be careful to not install too many, too much attic ventilation can be a bad thing. It can actually pull conditioned air out of the house and into the attic and out the exhaust fans creating a big problem. So don’t overdo it when you’re wanting to install extra attic ventilation. In the case of a spray foam house, insulated house, and there are no and events, there is no attic ventilation. That is why an energy recovery ventilator needs to be installed to aid with air changeover from the House to the outdoors, comfort, pro heating and air. We’ll be glad to consult with you on any needs you may have regarding air filtration and ventilation to help you pick the best home ventilation system to fit your application.

And remember when your comfort matters, call the professional Heat and Air Choctaw OK technician at Comfort Pro. Thank you and have a good day.