So, today’s blog post is going to be over a topic of what is an air conditioner and why does it help give me Heat and Air Choctaw OK relief. And before we get started with that, tell you a little bit about me and my company. This is comfort pro Heat and Air Choctaw OK located in Choctaw, Oklahoma. We service the entire metro area but mainly focus on the Choctaw Mid-Del area and we service all brands. We proudly install American standard heating and air conditioning equipment enlisted to satisfy your Heat and Air Choctaw OK needs. We perform new installations, service repair, air conditioning repair, heater repair, we install heat pumps, air handlers, furnaces, all kinds of heating and air conditioning equipment and products to improve your comfort level and help save energy in your home.

   So, a big question I get asked a lot is what is an air conditioner and how does the Heat and Air Choctaw OK work? Well, the easiest explanation I can give of what is an air conditioner B. An air conditioner is a heat exchanger. That means it takes heat from inside your house and gets rid of it to the outside where you don’t care if it is or not. And it does that by means of refrigerant. That’s the technical name for the coolant inside the system. Also known as Freon. Refrigerant circulates through the system. The compressor in the outdoor unit pumps the refrigerant through the system and the blower fan in the indoor unit circulates the air through your house and over the cooling coil and the refrigerant circulating through the cooling coil absorbs the heat that’s transferred to it through the air flow over the coil and the refrigerant picks up the heat, carries it back outside to the outdoor unit where it gives up its heat in the outdoor unit where the fan circulating air over the outdoor coil.

   So, that’s basically how an air conditioner operates, real simplified version. There’s little other, there is a lot more to it than that. There’s a physical laws, thermodynamic laws and play expansion, contraction, a rejection, all these other factors. But the main nuts and bolts of the system is and is nothing more than a heat exchanger. So when the outdoor coil is dirty with Cottonwood, dirt, grass clippings, things of that nature, the coil becomes restricted. The air won’t flow over it as easy so the refrigerant cannot give up its heat fast enough. So when that happens, the refrigerant carries the heat it was trying to give up right back in the house, which causes the air conditioner to run longer. The electrical consumption of the air conditioner is increased, your electric bills are higher and you’ll have more frequent breakdowns with your Heat and Air Choctaw OK systems.

   Same thing on the inside of the coil. The indoor coil, when it’s dirty or your air filter’s dirty, if cannot absorb enough heat from the air passing over the coil so it gets really, really cold. It gets so cold that it will freeze up and form a block of ice. So it’s very important that you change your air filter at least every month. Sometimes you can let it go two months, three months, depending on the type of air filtration system you have. Some air filters are made to be changed every three months. Some are made to be changed every six months. There are electronic air cleaners that you serve as twice a year, but the main factor to keep in mind is to always check your air filtration system, make sure that it’s clean and that you have adequate air flow, your indoor coil to prevent the system from freezing up. And if the coil becomes dirty itself, then the coil must be torn apart. Panels taken off, things removed to access the coil to allow the coil to be cleaned thoroughly so that the air flow over the coil will be adequate enough to prevent freezing. So again, the topic of maintenance is key to this discussion. Without proper maintenance, without proper maintenance, the air conditioning system will not function properly. The indoor calls will freeze up, the outdoor coils will overheat and the heat will not transfer properly and it will be carried right back in the house and you will have no exchange of heat. Then you will have to have air conditioning and repair done by a service company and comfort pro heating and air in Choctaw, Oklahoma specializes in air conditioning repair and we perform preventive maintenance as well to prevent breakdowns.

You’re in peak season, either heating or cooling season for Heat and Air Choctaw OK. So again, take caution and an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure as the saying goes. So it’s always best to have your system serviced in the preseason, meaning spring for air conditioning service, fall for heater service. By doing so, it will ensure that you have proper heat transfer and your utility bills will be lower and your comfort level will stay. Oh, so again, just make sure that you always serve as your air conditioner in the spring, in the fall, and take and the consideration that it is a heat exchanger. So, when it gets dirty, that it will not be able to transfer the heat properly and the system will not function as it should for Heat and Air Choctaw OK solutions. So, always remember comfort pro heating and air in Choctaw, Oklahoma specializes in air conditioning repair and Heat and Air Choctaw OK solutions. And we are here to serve you to make sure that your system is kept in peak condition. So it will preform flawlessly all year wrong. Just with a simple maintenance check that is all for today. Thank you and have a good day.