All right, so today I want to talk about a Heat and Air Choctaw OK topic that is very, very important to the life of a heating and air conditioning system. And that is preventative maintenance with your Heat and Air Choctaw OK systems. Preventive maintenance is the key to longevity. If you want your heating and air conditioning system to last and have a good long life, then preventative maintenance is key. You go to the dentist and get your teeth cleaned, you take your car and get the oil changed every three thousand miles. But when it comes to your heating and air conditioning system, it is out of sight and out of mind. You never think about it until it is too late for your Heat and Air Choctaw OK and it breaks down and then you are left wondering why it costs so much to repair the Heat and Air Choctaw OK unit when the reality is if a little bit of preventative maintenance would have been done, it could have prevented a very costly repair. So with that said, let’s dive into the topic.

The basic concept of a Heat and Air Choctaw OK system is that it is a heat exchanger. It takes heat from inside your house and gets rid of it to the outside air, through the refrigerant and the air flow and other things. But that’s the nuts and bolts of it is that it is a heat exchanger, so when your outdoor unit is extremely dirty, the system cannot reject its heat efficiently and fast enough and it carries that heat right back inside the house, which results in increased run time. The system runs longer for your Heat and Air Choctaw OK, the system is hotter, the system works harder, the system uses more electricity to operate, so that increases your operating cost.

So just by doing something as simple as washing off the outdoor unit, the outdoor coil, it will allow the outdoor unit to breath and give up the heat it just took out of the house, it will increase the life of the system and prevent very costly breakdowns. When we do a preventative maintenance check, we start with evaluating the whole outdoor unit. We look at how dirty the coil is. We check all the electrical components, the contactor, the run capacitor, the fan motor, the compressor motor, the refrigerant level in the system. We start by washing off the outdoor coil, checking all the electrical connections and components. Once we get the system clean, we reassemble the unit and we operate it.

There is an item in the electrical component section called a run capacitor. The run capacitors job is to get the motors running when they’re at a full stop. Once the run capacitor gets the motors turning, it keeps them running at an efficient rate. So, when a run capacitor becomes a weak, the motors start harder and run less efficient and they use more electricity to keep them running. The amp draw of the motor is higher, which is hard on the motor start and run windings and can cause them to burn out. So, it’s very important to always have a run capacitor that is at the peak level installed.

So once we get the system operating better in your Heat and Air Choctaw OK, we check the amp draw of the compressor motor, the amp draw of the condenser fan motor. We check the superheat level, the sub cooling level of the refrigerant. Those are two measurements that our industry uses to calculate the system charge, whether it’s low on refrigerant or overcharged on refrigerant. Both of those readings help us to look in the system and tell what the system is doing. It’s almost like going to the doctor and taking your blood pressure. We can tell by the system pressure whether it’s operating efficiently or not, and that’s all part of a standard preventative maintenance check. There is an old saying that goes “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” and that stands true with any heating and air conditioning system.

With a heating and air conditioning system, preventive maintenance checks as I stated, are very, very critical to the life of the system to always, every spring have your outdoor unit checked and every fall have your heating unit checked, whether it’s a gas furnace or an electric air handler or a heat pump. There are preventive maintenance checks to do on all of those systems. The indoor units, the heating gas heating systems, we check the gas pressure, cleaned the burners, clean the flame sensor. The flame sensor is an a device that senses the burner flame and it becomes dirty over time from combustion. And when the burner lights, it won’t sense the flame and shut right back off. And that’s a very easy thing to fix and clean. But when it gets dirty, your system will be completely broke down and won’t run.

So, if you want to reduce your summertime Heat and Air Choctaw OK bill and your wintertime heating bill, then definitely have a preventive maintenance check done. And that also goes along with changing your air filter. Your air filter is critical for system operation. A dirty air filter will increase operating costs and increase the likelihood of a break down. The heating and air conditioning system accounts for around 50% of the electricity consumed in the residential home today. So when your outdoor unit is dirty, you can expect a higher summer cooling bill. So, having a preventative maintenance check done is a great way to reduce the overall cost to operate your heating and air conditioning system in summertime and helping your system increase the overall life span. So, by just doing a simple wash out of the outdoor unit can prevent a major breakdown. Let’s face it, utility rates today are not going down. So, it’s very important that you have a preventative maintenance check done to help reduce your overall summer cooling bill. Again, I can’t stress enough the importance of a preventative maintenance check. That is unless you like throwing away money….. That’s all for today’s Heat and Air Choctaw OK blog. Thanks for listening and have a great day.