Hello and thanks for stopping by to read about Heat and Air Choctaw OK. We are comfort pro heating and air located in Choctaw, Oklahoma. We are a family owned and operated heating and air conditioning company. We provide service for the entire metro area. We provide service for installation, repair and service for residential and light commercial systems. We serve as all brands and install, proudly install American standard heating and air conditioning equipment. We provide seasonal maintenance and indoor air quality products as well as Heat and Air Choctaw OK home automation solutions. So today’s topic is going to be how your pet affects indoor Heat and Air Choctaw OK quality.

   The benefits of pet ownership are measurable, lower stress levels, less likelihood of heart attacks, increased fitness, reduced depression, but there is a dark side allergies. Approximately 10% of people have some sort of pet allergy, two-thirds of which are cat allergies. These unfortunate cells have to deal with runny noses, itchy eyes, bothersome sneezing, fits, rashes, and breathing problems and swollen nasal membranes. Pen allergies is an immune response to a protein found in urine, saliva and the skin of cats and dogs. This protein is discharged into the air. When pets shed releasing dander which are dead skin cells, while some breeds are more likely to cause an allergic reaction, there is no such thing as a truly hyper allergenic dog or cat modifications to deal with pets in homes. Even with no allergies. You want to make sure to replace your furnace filter more frequently as pet hairs and other contaminants can gather and the filter clogging it faster and gathering and your duck work and other surfaces.

   For Allergy situations regarding Heat and Air Choctaw OK, mechanical system modifications can go a long way to alleviate some of the issues with pet allergies. Typical heating and air conditioning filters are capable of removing particles down to three microns in size depending on its minimum efficiency reporting value or MERV rating, high efficiency part of particulate air filters or HEPA filters or developed by military scientist to remove radioactive particles from the air. Since then, they’ve gone through development and entered the mainstream market for the benefit of us ordinary folk, these HEPA filters are capable of removing 99.97% of particles down to 0.3 microns in size. This includes pet dander at 2.5 microns. In addition to changing your filter type to HEPA, you can get an air purifier that goes an extra mile in removing small particles like pet dander. Keep in mind this is no replacement for proper filtration in your furnace only I supplement more frequent duct cleaning. We’ll reduce allergens and pet hair research inhalation in your home. Increased ventilation replaces stale indoor air full of pet dander with fresh outdoor air, whereas a washroom exhaust fan or two might be enough for the typical home. Installing a ventilator or having an outdoor air intake duct might be necessary for pet owners. Unfortunately, in extreme cases where allergies are severe or life threatening, you may have to give up your pet for all other situations. Give Comfort pro heating and air a call for Heat and Air Choctaw OK problems and we can get your heating and air conditioning system. Pet owner friends sure love to use our quality Heat and Air Choctaw OK team members.

   Many air filters today are very good. They provide a better level of our air filtration than ever before. In some cases, a whole house air cleaner might be the answer to your problems. The American standard accurate clean air filter will reduce the particles going through it down to 99.99% the air flowing through it will be filtered down to 0.3 microns in size. That’s smaller than a human hair. The air filtration systems today produced by manufacturers are very good quality and greater than ever before. If you have allergies or suffer from any kind of airborne contaminants such as pet dander, whole house air filter can greatly reduce the amount of dust and pet dander in the home. Anytime you open your windows and doors, you allow dust and pollen and mold and other things from the outdoor air into your home by running your air filter and your blower from furnace blower fan continuously. That can help the air changeover, but a drawback to that is in cooling season, when you run your fan continuously,

The compressor will stop running because the temperature has satisfied its Heat and Air Choctaw OK basic needs. The evaporator coil is still wet with condensation and the fan blowing across that wet coil will re-introduce humidity into the space. The humidity that you have just removed by having the air conditioner running is now reentering the space. So the answer to that system would be the variable speed outdoor system. It will run and only provide the heating and cooling that you need. And the system runs a lot that will run at a lower speed, which in turn reduces the amount of electricity it uses. If you would like more information on the American Standard Acura comfort system, variable speed outdoor units, please give comfort pro heating and Eric a call and we will be glad to give you more information. And as always, please remember when your comfort matters. Call the pro today for excellent Heat and Air Choctaw OK coverage. Thanks and have a good day.