Hello everyone and welcome to the Heat and Air Choctaw OK blog. Today’s blog post is from comfort pro Heat and Air Choctaw OK where I, residential light commercial air conditioning repair company. We service the entire Metro area and specialize and Choctaw Oklahoma serving this community. Today’s blog post, it was one to talk about the refrigerant phase out of R-22 refrigerant is the sometimes known as coolant or freon that is in the air conditioners that makes them cold. That’s what makes it go smoothly in our Heat and Air Choctaw OK unites. The system’s called, the technical term is refrigerant. It’s more commonly known as free on the Dupont chemical company coined the phrase and patent the name free on quite some time ago, so everyone knows refrigerant as the household name of freon.

So, Freon leaks can occur from a number of things, but the Environmental Protection Agency of the United States has determined that the R-22 refrigerant is aiding in the global warming crisis and is aiding in the ozone layer depletion. There is chlorine gas and R-22 refrigerant that attacks the ozone layer of our atmosphere. So, the EPA has mandated that January 1st of 2020 no more R-22 refrigerant can be manufactured or imported into the United States under the current law as it is today. So what that means is the subplot law of supply and demand is going to take over. The closer we get to the phase out, the cost of R-22 refrigerant is going to increase substantially.

It will become so expensive for Heat and Air Choctaw OK installers to purchase R-22 refrigerant that you won’t even be able to purchase it for repair purposes. So what do we do going forward with these Heat and Air Choctaw OK systems? There are many different alternative refrigerants on the market today. Some are claimed to be drop in replacements of R-22 this is not the case. There are some that are very similar to the operating temperatures and pressures of R-22 refrigerant, but nothing beats the real thing. So if you have an aged system that has leaks that you can add leak stoppers to the system, it is a chemical that is injected into the system and is flows through the system with the oil and the refrigerant. And we’ll plug up any small little pinholes that it finds to help solve the leak problems. In some cases the leaks are so great that they cannot be repaired. So in that case, a new evaporator coil or an entire heating new heating and air conditioning system must be installed in the home to solve the problem. The R-22 phase out program has begun many years ago. The issues were addressed and global warming summits and had been discussed by law makers for years. And The R-22

issue is not going to what going to go away. We have to address it. So, the only way we can address it is to stockpile R-22 to reclaim it from existing units, existing systems recover it in recovery tanks using recovery machines, sending it back to recyclers where they will take the, used R-22 refrigerant,

Okay let’s keep going with these Heat and Air Choctaw OK issues!

And filter it through a series of filters, test it and clean it up and get it back to as near new state as possible. Then it can be resold as reclaimed refrigerant. So it is very important that we do our part and adhere to the laws and recover refrigerant so that it can be recycled and reused. But the best advice I can give you is if you have an old system 10 years or more in age that you replace the system with a new high efficient system, it will save your money, save your energy, increase your comfort level and then you won’t have to worry about the R-22 phase out problem and the increased cost of R-22 refrigerant. Okay. Because [inaudible] eventually, as I stated earlier, he will not be able to afford to purchase R-22 refrigerant for air conditioning repairs in Choctaw, Oklahoma. The substitute refrigerant are a good alternative. If you cannot afford to purchase a new system or your system is under 10 years old and instill good condition, the system can be retrofitted to operate on an alternative refrigerant. When that takes place, all of the old R-22 refrigerant must be recovered into a recovery tank.

The system flushed and new valve cores installed. New filter dryers installed leak checked with nitrogen, meaning it needs to be pressured up and monitored to make sure that no leaks occur and are no leaks in the system. If there are leaks in the system, then those leaks have to be found and repaired. Once that process is complete, then the system is ready to be evacuated. Evacuation must be done to ensure all the moisture in the air and any non-condensable are removed from the system. Once that process is complete, this system is ready for recharged to be recharged with the alternative refrigerant charge to manufacturer specifications operated and pressures and temperatures checked and logged, and compared to make sure that it is operating properly within the manufacturer’s guidelines to get it as close to accurate as possible. So there are alternatives to the all R-22 phase out. If you need service or have concerns with your system, be sure and call comfort pro heating and air. We repair air conditioners in the Choctaw area. Thank you for reading this Heat and Air Choctaw OK blog.