Hello and welcome to the blog post for comfort pro Heat and Air Choctaw OK. We service the entire Metro area that specialize in the mid del Choctaw area. Today I wanted to talk about a problem that is very common in residential air conditioning repair today and that is light Deming. What causes the lights to dim when an air conditioner cycles on. The main common problem we see an air conditioning repair and Choctaw area is light Deming due to compression motors starting under a heavy load, meaning manufacturers today are producing high efficient air conditioning systems and the pressures do not equalize in the off cycle. The systems that are produced today for Heat and Air Choctaw OK have non bleed thermostatic expansion valves installed and the evaporator coils which causes the pressures to not equalize when the system is off, which in turn causes the compressor to start under a heavy load. So some manufacturers have added start assist components to their systems to aid the compressor in starting other things that would cause light. Deming would be under sized electrical wire supplying voltage to the air conditioning systems. Under sized wire would cause the lights to dim when the compressor motor tries to start the Heat and Air Choctaw OK system. Because the in rush of current is very high. When a motor is at a dead stop. When a motor is at a dead stop, the voltage is applied to the motor to get it turning and it cannot overcome that lock to rotor position.

    So, it needs help to get it to turning. A run capacitor aides the motors and starting when a run capacitor becomes a weak, the compressor motor and fan motors both use more amperage, more electricity to start the motors from a dead stop. So you see a huge rush of in rush of current being applied to the motors to get them to start a week run capacitor will increase the hard starting of the compressor and it will not keep the motor running efficiently. As the motor is running, it is using more electricity. It is pulling higher amps. So when a run capacitor is replaced, they do run capacitors installed and an average check has done and a lower amperage is seen on meters and meters and compressor motors start easier. And when the motors are running the run Capacitors keep them running at an efficient rate for Heat and Air Choctaw OK success.

    Another problem with light Deming and hard starting of compressors would be loose electrical connections, loose electrical terminals and loose wires and wire nuts. All of these three items will aid in electrical wires becoming hot and burning up. When electricity is flowing through a conductor, the conductor generates heat, so if you have a loose connection or loose wire terminal or loose wire nut, then the connection becomes a weak point in the conductor which will burn the wire terminals off. It will burn the wire nuts off and can cause light Deming. When a compressor motor starts, the electricity flowing through a conductor, as I said, generates heat, but it also causes the conductor to expand and contract. This expanding and contracting over the years. The months over the years can cause the terminals or the connections to become loose, which will then become a weak point in the conductor and generate excess heat which then results in the wire terminals burning up or burning completely off contact or points will become pitted and burn up and when the compressor tries to start the contact or closes, sends electricity to the motor. When the points in the content are repeated, then it will cause a higher resistance which in turn Causes Light Deming. There are items that can be added to the starting systems and electrical systems of air conditioners today some manufacturers install them from the factory because of the non equalization of pressures and the off cycle. Yeah that’s how you get Heat and Air Choctaw OK done.

    These items are commonly referred to as are as hard start kits for Heat and Air Choctaw OK units. It is a starting relay and a start capacitor. Both of those items work together to help the motors start from a dead stop when the power is applied to the voltage to the windings of the motor. The start relay operates off of voltage generated in the start windings of the compressor motor. As the windings,

it’s generating voltage. The motor begins to turn and when it gets up to 75% of its running speed, the start windings are removed from the circuit via the start capacitor start relay. Then the run capacitor takes over and keeps the motors running at an efficient rate. So if you are experiencing light Deming in your area and would like to have it checked, we can check that on a normal air conditioning repair and Choctaw Oklahoma call comfort pro heating and air. We can come out and do a preventative maintenance check on your system and also perform any repairs needed. And if you are experiencing light Deming, a hard start kit can be added to the system to aid and the light Deming issue. We can check all of the electrical connections, all of the electrical components, make sure that they are up to our standards and that they are running properly and that you have fewer breakdowns in the future. So I simple preventative maintenance check can cause, can’t prevent future breakdowns and we can help solve some of the light Deming problems if you’re having them. If you have other areas in your home dealing with Heat and Air Choctaw OK or that you’re seeing light Deming area, have an electrician come and service your electrical panel. That’s all for today. Thank you very much for listening to me talk about Heat and Air Choctaw OK solutions from Comfort Pro.