Okay. Today I want to talk a little bit about Heat and Air Choctaw OK. Then it’s very important and the heating and air conditioning industry and that is refrigerant leaks or freon leaks as it’s better known. Freon is a brand name that the Dupont chemical company came up with and branded that. The technical term for Freon is refrigerant is the chemical used in air conditioners that makes the Heat and Air Choctaw OK cold. So when someone says Freon, they’re actually referring to refrigerant. So what causes refrigerant leaks in air conditioning systems today? Well, the biggest part of the system that leaks would be the a coil or better known as the evaporator coil or the cooling coil or the indoor coil. All of those terms are used the same. It’s the same meaning has the same meaning. The evaporator coil is the part of the system that makes it cold and the design of the evaporator coils were not very good.

    In the early 1970s all through the 1980s & 1990s of Heat and Air Choctaw OK, and into the early two thousands, the evaporator coils were made of copper, aluminum and sheet metal. And when you have sheet metal in a moist damp environment, it will rust and it will corrode and then you’ll have leaks. So, there is a term used to describe corrosion. It is called electrolysis. Electrolysis means when you have two metals that are not the same metal and they touch, you have electrolysis, and then corrosion begins and leaks develop. So the copper aluminum style evaporator coils were made of dissimilar metals, which then caused electrolysis and corrosion begins and leaks develop. It may take months or even years but the end result of all copper aluminum coils is corrosion and leaks in your Heat and Air Choctaw OK systems.

    So, now all of the manufacturers are transitioning from copper aluminum style coils to all aluminum coils for Heat and Air Choctaw OK units. The good thing about all aluminum coils is you don’t have the dissimilar metals and the electrolysis problem and corrosion problem because the evaporator coil is made completely of aluminum. Every piece in the coil is all aluminum. The tube sheets, the fins, the tubes running through there are all aluminum. The areas that were sheet metal are all aluminum now. So it’s a way better design. You have less problems with those coils than you do a copper aluminum coil. So if your evaporator coil needs to be replaced, make sure that it is all aluminum. If you replace it with a copper aluminum style, you will have the same issue and the leaks will reoccur. The end result of a copper or aluminum coil is corrosion and leakage. There are other areas in the system that will cause leaks. If you have copper lines that touch the vibration from the system, operating will cause the two lines to rub together and produce a hole and then the refrigerant will leak out. You can have electric lines touching the copper lines and the insulation around the copper wire will rub off exposing the bare copper wire and cause a short to ground and actually blow a hole in the line and you’ll lose all the refrigerant charge. You can have manufacturing defects where the manufacturing process causes problems and there’ll be leaks occurring in your Heat and Air Choctaw OK units.

When you bend a piece of tubing, it will put stress on the bend and it will fracture and you’ll have leaks. If someone is putting together an air conditioning system and they’re welding the lines or brazing the lines together, they may not get the lines brazed properly and you’ll have leaks start. So we always check our lines and our welds with nitrogen when we’re doing air conditioning repair and we have to braise the lines together. We always pressurize the system with dry nitrogen and monitor the pressure for certain period of time to see if there’s leaks or not. If the pressure goes down, then obviously there’s a leak. Other items that would cause a leak the line set, the copper line set that connects the indoor coil and the outdoor coil together. If they’re running through the attic and they’re running real close to the roof decking and you have your house reroofed, the roofers can drive a nail into the roof decking and if the copper lines are touching the roof decking, there’s a chance that they could run a nail into the copper line causing a leak. I’ve seen that happen on multiple occasions and the only way to fix it is to cut the lines, weld the whole up and then connect the lines again. It’s a very lengthy process, very costly process, because you’ll usually lose the entire refrigerant charge of the system. So the hole has to be repaired and the system evacuated at new filter dryers installed, and then the system recharged. And if you’re using R-22 refrigerant, if your system runs on R-22 refrigerant, it is very expensive to repair. So those were just some of the things that you can look for when a system is plagued with leaks. Those are some areas that you would look for. Some signs that you want to look for when you’re searching for leaks is oil. Oil is a tell tale sign of a leak. There’s refrigerant oil, there is oil in the compressor, and it circulates through the system with the refrigerant. So where the oil leaks out, the refrigerant leaks out, the oil leaks out with it. So, you will always look for oil stains at certain areas of the system that would indicate a leak. So those are just some of the things that we look for when we’re looking for leaks. That’s all for today. Thank you and have a great day!