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All right time for some Heat and Air Choctaw OK. Today I wanted to talk a little bit about a topic that is gaining ground here in the United States and that is ductless mini split systems. Ductless mini split systems have been around for a long time. They’ve been used in other countries, other parts of the world, but not here in the United States all that much. We haven’t seen very many of them here in the Unites States up until the last few years. They’re picking up steam, they’re gaining ground. The market is growing and growing. The applications are changing, and you can use ductless mini splits in almost every application from commercial application to residential application. The term “Ductless mini split systems” is just that, what it means to be “ductless” is, there are no air ducts in the attic or in the concrete slab or any duct work that connects the system to the house to the supply air and return air to the air handling unit. There is an indoor head that hangs on the wall, and there is an outdoor unit that sits outside, and they’re connected only by copper freon lines and electric lines, as well as a condensate drain line for condensate removal. It typically comes out the same hole that the freon lines on in. That’s why you work with us to get your Heat and Air Choctaw OK replaced.

They are very small in design. They are very quiet in operation and they are very efficient. They come in a large range of efficiencies anywhere from 14 seer all the way up to 30 seer and anywhere in between you can use ductless mini splits in residential application or commercial application and you can s heat and cool one room or up to five different rooms. Or You can do a whole house. One outdoor unit will operate up to five indoor heads on the residential side and the commercial side. You can get them in large capacity where they will virtually cool and heat multistory buildings by working on your Heat and Air Choctaw OK with us. On the residential side. It would be a way to solve a problem if you have an add on room in your house, a bonus room or a garage conversion, a patio and closure. Um, a room that has issues with duct work where you can’t get traditional duct work to that room, you can get a ductless mini split system to solve that problem. The indoor head hangs on the wall, as I said, and it hangs very close to the ceiling so it’s up out of the way. And the outdoor unit is not like a traditional condensing in it where it’s large and bulky. These are very small slim line units and they say that you can virtually hide them where you can’t hardly see them at all in the copper lines. You can hide them in what looks like a piece of guttering going up the side of the wall. So they’re very appealing to the eye. They’re very quiet to the ear and they’re very efficient. You can save a lot of energy by using these. In some applications. It could cut your, your heating and cooling bills as much as 50% if you have issues in areas of the house. If you choose to install one in your whole house, you can have true zoning.

In other words, each individual room that you have a unit in, you can control the temperature of that space and normal split system application. You have one thermostat and the zones are only controlled by that Thermostat, so you may have well hot spots and cold spots in the house. This will eliminate them. This will provide true zoning. And another good point about ductless mini splits are the constant air flow that you get from them. The blower on the indoor unit runs continuously and it’s continuously sampling the air, so it always knows what the humidity level is. It always knows what the temperature is and it will control the speed of the compressor. The compressor in the outdoor unit utilizes inverter drive technology, meaning it’s like a gas pedal in your car. If you need to go faster, then you speed up. If you need to slow down, then you let off the gas and slow down. The ductless mini split compressor operates the same way when there’s a big heating need for heating in the house or cooling in the house, the compressor speeds up to meet that demand or it slows down if it doesn’t need as much. And if you have them cooling multiple spaces, then you can continually heat and cool those spaces without the need of adjustment of the thermostat with Comfort Pro and their Heat and Air Choctaw OK team.

You set your temperature how you want it and the mini split system will meet that demand. The indoor fan will continue to run, as I said, and sample the air. So you have constant air flow, constant air changeover, constant air filtration. And the best thing is constant humidity control with our Heat and Air Choctaw OK solutions. One of the problems we have in our part of the country is with humidity. It gets very warm and humid here in the summertime, especially in the earliest early parts of the summer after we’ve had our spring rains, the ground is saturated with water and that humidity level outside is, is tremendous. It makes it very hot and sticky. So the ductless mini split will help solve that problem by the compressor running at a slow rpm. It’s saving you energy by working with Comfort Pro on your Heat and Air Choctaw OK needs. It’s constantly controlling the humidity in that space. So, they are very versatile in application. They’re very quiet and energy efficient in operation.

And it’s a great way to solve problems that you have in your home, business or commercial application where you can’t get a traditional ducted system in. So, as you’re planning your future additions to your home or new homes being built, take a look at the ductless mini split system and it’s a great way to solve many problems while being very energy efficient. That’s all for today on Heat and Air Choctaw OK with Comfort Pro. Thanks for listening.