Did you hire a team recently to visit your home because of a heating and air conditioning unit that blew out? Did it take them forever to come out to your home and they weren’t even apologetic about it? Tired of dealing with air conditioner repair choctaw ok companies who don’t seem to understand how fantastic service works? Comfort Pro has served in the Choctaw area for several years and is ready to get your air conditioner repair choctaw ok good as new! To bring more clarity as well about what our services are and how we help people every single day, here are the top services and our main priority with each and every service!

Residential HVAC Repair and Installation

As you likely guessed, we work with homeowners in the Oklahoma City area (primarily in Choctaw OK) to service and repair their units. It gets hot down in Oklahoma and getting a trusty HVAC system makes a whole world of difference! That’s why it’s so important to call a great team, like Comfort Pro, to take care of it for you.

It’s all about our customer service. Of course every air conditioner repair choctaw ok company will say that, so what makes us different? With the direct communication you have with our team, we provide very prompt communications through texting and calling confirmations. With our mobile compliance and straightforward communication, you will get the answers you need and we need to take care of your home!

On top of that, we go to extra lengths to leave your place better than you found it. By wearing floor savers, using drop cloths and with our own cleaning supplies, we find it hard to believe other contractors don’t do the same things! Please understand that at Comfort Pro, our team is well-equipped and suited to fully provide awesome benefits and solutions to your service work!

Commercial HVAC Repair and Installation

While we always love working with homeowners and will continue to work with homeowners all year long, we also service large-scale projects for commercial properties. We know that an office building without a proper heating and air system is a well-functioning office. If it’s a warehouse where people are moving and working equipment, it’s even worse! That means it’s real important to get your air conditioner repair choctaw ok with a great company like Comfort Pro. Why?

One of our difference makers in the business is to provide very thorough and customized solutions. We’re a proud partner with the Carrier supplier company. Since we fall in line with their products and services, we also provide a huge system to analyze and develop key insights about your heating and air conditioning system. We often find that our competitors who provide air conditioner repair choctaw ok do not go the lengths we do with our analysis. They will simply replicate the product used last and assume that this is the best. Unfortunately, many people are running insufficient systems!

That’s why with our thorough and customized analysis of your home or commercial property, we often save people hundreds of dollars every year! Not only that, but we look to install systems that actually provide total, consistent comfort to your entire property. There’s no need to short-change yourself with Comfort Pro!

HVAC Preventative Maintenance

Something that’s real exciting about working with us is our preventative maintenance. Many times, clients like to work with us so much that they sign on to this program. Every year, we put in our schedule to visit your home/system and make sure everything’s running smoothly. This is a great value to your property because you never let your systems drift! The systems you install in your home property or commercial property will provide sensational value, if it always works well. Turns out, our competitors many times will not go to the lengths we go to for your total comfort needs. Just give us a call today and we’ll be happy to make your work cool and breezy!

Frequently Asked Questions

While there may be many more questions you have about our work, we’d much rather you talk to one of our team members to get all the details you need! Here’s just a few questions we get all the time or what people think about with their air conditioner repair choctaw ok work.


How does your scheduling work?

When you schedule a time with us, it will be for a specific time and date. We’ve had it with the windows of time other businesses have gotten used to scheduling. Saying that “we’ll be there from 1pm to 5 pm” inconveniences the customer all the time. Even though everybody is used to it, that doesn’t mean needs to still be a thing! When you schedule your air conditioner repair choctaw ok work, get a specific time with us!


Should I anticipate the price changing after the initial quote?

Of course not! Is that crazy talk? Unfortunately, we understand where you’re coming from. Many contractors love to do the initial low quote and then come back with an “unexpected” expense that’s “completely” necessary for the work. Look, we know that you just want to be best air conditioner repair choctaw ok can provide. In order to do that, give us a call and at our home visit, we’ll get you the price for you actually want.


Why is it a good thing that you do flat rates for your work?

Excellent question! Have you ever worked in an office or at a job where people purposely wasted their time? They actively looked to find out how to prolong their work as much as possible, yet still get paid the same amount? Well these same people work in the heating and air industry and that’s a HUGE problem.

Know that with Comfort Pro, you are getting flat rate pricing because it puts all the responsibility on us! If our team takes forever to fix the issue, then that’s our expense. If we get done with work faster than we anticipated, then great! You get your problem solved sooner and you’re even happier with our work. It’s a win-win scenario that all of our customers can get behind. Talk with us today to get your air conditioner repair choctaw ok done in a jiffy!