May 4, 2019

To:  Whom It May Concern

Subject:  Recommendation

Steven Bagwell (Comfort Pro) recently replaced one of our residential cooling units.  Though I received two bids for the project, and the bid amounts were very close, I am pleased to say that I chose Comfort Pro.        

Mr. Bagwell clearly explained the difference in American Standard (the manufacturer he uses) compared to other popular and well-known manufacturers.  I sincerely believe American Standard is a cut above the others.

Mr. Bagwell performance on the project was also exemplary.  He took technical steps during the installation that other installers generally forego, e.g., purging the copper lines with inert gas during the soldering phase which helps keeps solder debris out of the refrigerant lines.  He also made the extra effort to install a platform for the attic mounted unit (including vibration isolators) in lieu of suspending the unit  from the rafters.  His workmanship was excellent; he was prompt and completed the job in a very short time.  Additionally, he put down carpet/floor covering protectors to minimize cleanup issues. 

Mr. Bagwell was a pleasure to work with and,  when my next 20+ year-old unit wears out, my first call will be to  Comfort Pro.

Robert L. “Bob” Bartlow

Choctaw, OK

“After several years of work from Comfort Pro, there’s no reason why we would choose any other heating and air conditioning company. They’ve always shown excellence with their workmanship and are prompt for any appointment. They also give reasonable prices! We’ll continue to refer their business anytime someone needs a heating and air guy.”

Ronald Samal

“Choosing to work with Steve at Comfort Pro has never been a regret. For about eight years now, he’s continued to do excellent work and reasonable prices. Not only that, but it’s been hard to find anyone trustworthy before we found Steve. The Comfort Pro team gets it and you should definitely use them.”

Sandra Shafer

“Whenever I think of Comfort Pro and how they’ve helped us out, excellence and professionalism are the top two impressions. There’s no secrets and they don’t cut corners with their work. The same care you receive with them in person is illustrated in their actual repairs and installations. They’re the only HVAC company we would use and recommend!”

Jason Robison